What You Need To Know For Friday, September 199, 2014

By Tom Del Beccaro, on Jun 5, 2014

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Top Story:  23.9% of Americans Support Secession

My Thoughts: There probably could be no greater sign of a discontent vote - then the thought of secession.

What I Read Today:

How The Other Side Thinks:

 National News You Should Know:

CA News:

My Thoughts on Obama's Speech:  

1. IF you are a Republican seeking to be President, you should emphasize the positive in his speech and the need for the country to come together. Publicly be supportive and say that we have to succeed as one - be diplomatic - say you are leaving the criticism for another day. Today is a day to be unified and you will help the president where you can.

2. As for the merits of the speech:

a) Good points:

i) He used "we" and said it was an American task, and

ii) He was clear they had to be destroyed.

b) Bad points:

i) Success? The countries of the Middle East and ISIS know that Yemen and Somalia are not successes like Obama claimed they were. They will not be comforted by those comments at all. Instead, they and our allies will be distressed. Foreign policy is as much if not more about your allies as you domestic audience. For its part, ISIS will say if that is what he considers success, we will be ok.

ii) Safer? He said we are safer. The latest polls say overwhelmingly that Americans say we are not.. Why start a speech out by disagreeing with the public on such a basic point? Is he really that out of touch?

iii) Not Islam? When someone tells you what they are, it is a good idea to listen and give them the benefit of the doubt. They declared a Caliphate. They are not Catholic. They are not Protestant or Jewish. There was no upside to making this comment. None.

iv) Coalition? 9 countries is not a broad coalition. Period. This was the one thing he needed to have, a broad coalition. That should have been the reason he gave the speech. To say the world was united. #fail.

v) Doctrine? Saying you will hunt people down regardless of where they go is not a doctrine. BTW, didn't Bush say he would do that? He didn't call it a doctrine though.

vi) Working with Congress? Real unity would be a declaration of war - not "I can do it alone."

Overall, this will not advance his cause - only sustained credible action will. Words are meaningless at this point - unless of course they make things worse.


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